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Holes in the cheese?

  • How much liters of milk do you need for 1 kg of cheese?

    A characteristic factor is 10:1; that means u use about 10 liters of milk for 1 kg of cheese depending on the kind of cheese you make.

  • What is lactose?

    Lactose is a natural ingredient to milk. The content in the milk lies between 2% and 7% depending on the animal it comes from. Naturally lactose in only found in the milk of mammalians. It is an important source of energy for babies. Generally speaking all products made from milk can contain lactose.

  • What is a lactose free cheese?

    There are two general ways to make a cheese free of lactose. You can add an enzyme to the milk which dismounts the lactose in its two single components. You get a sweeter milk which is free of lactose. This milk can be made to cheese.

    The other way is the natural way.

    In the presence of lactic and ripening bacteria lactose is dismounted by the metabolism of these organisms. This leads to the general rule. The older the cheese the less lactose it contains.

  • Can you eat the rind?

    In organic production it is not allowed to use rind substances which harm us humans. Therefore the only thing you can use which is not edible is wax.

    In Backensholz our rinds are washed with natural ingredients. The rinds develop different character and taste but are always edible and add a special something to the cheese.

  • Why does the weight vary?

    The weight varies because the curd is prepared by hand and the molds are filled by hand. This leads to small variance in the weight.

  • What is raw milk cheese?

    Raw-milk cheese are the kings of the cheese. The milk you use is not pasteurized. You heat it very gently. You keep the natural flora of the milk and preserve the taste of the milk in the cheese. For making raw milk cheese you need the cleanest milk you can find. Because we are farmers as well as cheese makers we can guarantee our own standards and the best milk going in the creamery.


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