We are having animals on the farm for many years now. We always slaughtered a couple of cows for our own supply and on special demand.

Since 2014 we have an old breed of pigs on the farm. They fit perfectly in our circle of production because we feed them mainly with the sweet whey from our creamery. They are kept on a field the whole year and are celebrating at least one birthday before they are slaughtered. We get a very tasty, red and slow grown meat with a lot of fat content. This is real pig meat.

The meat is made to bratwurst – either with cheese or natural – or sold in the farm shop. All products are vacuum packed and shock frozen.

In 2016 we bought a small herd of angus mother cows. This meat will be taken to our dry age shelf and matured for 6 weeks and then sold in our farm shop. 

If you are interested in special cuts, fresh meat, or special products please contact us directly and we will take care of your inquiry.


Here comes the milk

In the milking parlor

See how we milk our cows.

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Rewarded Cheeses


This years results from the World Cheese Awards 2016 in San Sebastian

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Dryaging on Backensholz

Meat – matured

Dryaging in a climate chamber – find it in our farmshop

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