Our conviction

Culinary enjoyment is our highest aim. If we wouldn´t enjoy eating so much our selfs, we wern´t able to go so deep into production of highest quality produce. These are not only individual in taste. For us they are connected to experience, our culture that they communicate, the way they are made and associations they call forth.

Imagine you are in your home kitchen. Compare the feeling of buying a cake in the supermarket to the feeling of kneading the butter and eggs into the flour, rolling out the pastry and filling it with lovely fruits. It is a difference from day to night. For most of us it is not possible to spend this time in everydaylife – but the feeling to produce something with your hands is just unique.

That’s why we love our work and put so much effort to get this feeling and especially sharing it. The team is playing the main role in this procedure and is the imprint of our farm culture. If not everyone shares this attitude we wouldn´t be able to come out with beautiful products.

It is our conviction to work organically. The soil, animals and the nature are feeding us and deserve our respect. On Backensholz it is our highest ambition to close and optimize the circles of production. In nature this works for an eternity an so it became our role model and will drive us in the future.

Please visit us, take a look around, ask us about our work, about what we do and think about it and if you like give us your feedback.

With culinary regards, your Team from Backensholz!

Our organic certificates:



Here comes the milk

In the milking parlor

See how we milk our cows.

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Rewarded Cheeses


This years results from the World Cheese Awards 2016 in San Sebastian

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Dryaging on Backensholz

Meat – matured

Dryaging in a climate chamber – find it in our farmshop

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