A new cheese decorates our range

News from the cheese vat

For almost one year we developed this cheese. The task was to have a soft blue cheese with a white mold on the rind.

Patience and creativity were the main aspects which led to this new cheese. On the way to a new product you are always challenged to solve different problems. A very exciting and challenging process to go through.

We left most difficulties behind us and are very happy with the result.

The pairing of delicate-fungous white mould with notes of mushroom with a melting and creamy blue inside is just unique.

Give us your feedback and enjoy this lovely cheese.


Here comes the milk

In the milking parlor

See how we milk our cows.

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Rewarded Cheeses


This years results from the World Cheese Awards 2016 in San Sebastian

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Dryaging on Backensholz

Meat – matured

Dryaging in a climate chamber – find it in our farmshop

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