Dairy cattle

Beyond freshness

The central organ in organic agriculture are the ruminant animals. In our case these are the cattle. They convert plants from the fields in valuable resources like milk and meat. The waste and slury is brought back into the circle of nutrition. An effective organic production is based on animal husbandry.

On Backensholz we breed cattle for more than 20 years now. Our herd is based on many different breeds which gives us strong animals and a very rich milk. Preferably we take cows from regions known for cheese tradition. This has a big influence on the taste and fat and protein content. In summer our herd grazes on the fields. In winter we feed first hand silage. 

You can taste the aroma of the feed and the good quality of the milk in our raw-milk-cheeses.

The well-being of our animals is an important aspect to get a good quality milk and for being an organic farm. The preservation and care of our herd is a lot of teamwork. What we earn is a fearless herd of cows and a milk in highest quality.

If you have questions concerning our animals please write an email to feedback(at)backensholz.de 


Here comes the milk

In the milking parlor

See how we milk our cows.

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Rewarded Cheeses


This years results from the World Cheese Awards 2016 in San Sebastian

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Dryaging on Backensholz

Meat – matured

Dryaging in a climate chamber – find it in our farmshop

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