Feed comes first

By not using any synthetic fertilizer and chemical pesticides we keep a lot of pollution away from our environment. The following damage of these substances are not completely researched and may harm our environment fundamentally.

Our energy comes from animal fertilizer and through a strict change of cultures on each field. We grow a lot of legumes to bind nitrogen in the soil. This gives us a sustainable and clean yield.

For feeding the cows we grow a mix of clover and gras and corn. It is made to silage.

Further we concentrate on crops which like to grow in our region like oat, beans, peas, wheat, spelt and grass seeds.


Here comes the milk

In the milking parlor

See how we milk our cows.

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Rewarded Cheeses


This years results from the World Cheese Awards 2016 in San Sebastian

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Dryaging on Backensholz

Meat – matured

Dryaging in a climate chamber – find it in our farmshop

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